Defined by her signature use of bright color and unique ability to mix reality and illusion within a wooden medium, Japanese sculptor Emi Katsuta debuted in New York with her solo exhibition Emi Katsuta: That Fantastic Someone in 2018.
Inspired by local media events in Japan that included the world’s increasing obsession with social media Katsuta carved her place in Japanese contemporary art.
Through her exhibitions in Europe, Asia, and America, Katsuta has quickly become known for her sculptures which simultaneously invoke images of wonder and loneliness.



Born in Nagasaki, Japan in 1983
Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan
2009 Received Master’s Degree from Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of
Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture
2007 Graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts, Department of
Fine Art, major in sculpture
【Selected Solo Exhibitions】
2023 Emi Katsuta: Made for convenience (Neptune gallery, Taiwan)
Art Fair Tokyo “Emi Katsuta: One’s Whereabouts” (SEIZAN Gallery booth, Tokyo International Form, Tokyo)
2022 Emi Katsuta: Someone’s Whereabouts (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
2021 Emi Katsuta: Even Kittens Attack (Neptune gallery, Taiwan)
2020 Emi Katsuta: That Fantastic Someone (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo)
Emi Katsuta: Then a strange thing happened (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
2018 Emi Katsuta Sculpture Exhibition: Sore Zore no Shiten (Matsuzakaya Nagoya, Aichi)
Emi Katsuta: That Fantastic Someone (SEIZAN Gallery, New York)
2016 Emi Katsuta Sculpture Exhibition: Talking Eyes (Sendai Mitsukoshi Art Gallery, Miyagi)
Emi Katsuta Sculpture Exhibition: Listening Eyes (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo)
2015 Emi Katsuta Sculpture Exhibition: Sore Zore no Shiten (Nagasaki Hamaya Art Gallery, Nagasaki)
2013 Emi Katsuta Sculpture Exhibition (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
2012 Fresh 2012 – Emi Katsuta (Contemporary Art Museum ISE, Mie)
2009 NADiff Window Gallery vol.1: Emi Katsuta-ten (NADiff Window Gallery, Tokyo)
Fresh 2009 – Emi Katsuta (Contemporary Art Museum ISE, Mie)
【Selected Group Exhibitions】
2023 Art Fair Asia Fukuoka (SEIZAN Gallery booth, Marine Messe Fukuoka, Fukuoka)
2022 HAKU: The Art of Gold and Silver Leafing (SEIZAN Gallery, New York)
2021 Art Taipei (Taiwan, Through 2023)
Ghosts of Summer (SEIZAN Gallery, New York)
2020 A Single Ant Bite (Seizan GALLERY, Tokyo; SEIZAN GALLERY TOKYO凸, Tokyo)
Online Group Show  Jo Sai Sho Fuku (Ward off Calamities, Invite Good Luck) : Gods and Yokai in the Time of Pandemic (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo; SEIZAN Gallery, New York)
House of The Rising Light (Dorothy Circus Gallery, London; Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome)
FREECOLORS: Kousaku suru Kuukan (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo)
Art Taichung (Taiwan, Through 2023)
2018 Two persons exhibition “Koki Tsujimoto + Emi Katsuta: Sense” (Tobu Ikebukuro, Tokyo)
2017 Mitsukoshi Isetan x Beams Stand Kyushu (Isetan Shinjuku, Tokyo)
Summer  Art Collection (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
Mitsukoshi Bijutsu 110th Anniversary: HOPES Jisedai 100 Senten (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo)
CURRENT TRADITIONS (Salisbury University, Maryland, USA)
2014 Something Precious (Osaka Mitsukoshi, Osaka)
Hasu no Kai: Mokucho (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo; Sendai Mitsukoshi, Miyagi)
Katachi aru Message (Fukuoka MItsukoshi, Fukuoka)
2013 Mother’s Day (Shinjuku Isetan, Tokyo)
2012 Hasu no Kai (Daimaru Shinsaibashi, Osaka; SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo, continued in 2013)
2011 Nezumikou-ten (Shinjuku Isetan, Tokyo)
Matomo-ten (Takamatsu, Kagawa)
Something Precious (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo, continued every year afterwards)
2010 Animamix Biennial 2009-2010 (Today Art Museum, Beijing, China)
Azuki-mushi no Natsuyasumi-ten (Tokyo)
Tanukitour (Tokyo)
2009 Emerging Director’s Art Fair “ULTRA002” (Spiral, Tokyo)
2008 GEISAI MUSEUM♯2” (Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo)
2007 Aichi Prefectural Art University, Graduate Thesis Exhibition (Aichi Prefectural Art and Culture Center, Aichi)
The 3rd Atelier Matsuei Arui ha Mirai (Kyu Hirakushi Denchu Tei, Tokyo)
2006 Parque – Aichi Prefectural Art University Art Festival (Aichi Prefectural Art University, Aichi)
2008 Geidai Art Plaza– nominated for grand prize (Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo)
Via Art 2008, Special Jury Prize of New Art Division President, Kimiaki Ashino
2007 Prize for superior artwork – Awarded for thesis project (Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts,Aichi)
2006 Parque Grand Prize