“A single ant bite can fell the largest elephant.”
Even the smallest of individual organisms can, when they gather in great numbers, defeat the most powerful enemy. These are words of hope, expressing the idea that even in the most difficult of circumstances, if we use our knowledge and wisdom to the utmost, we can change the world.

Still, what is the nature of the relationship between those that challenge and that which is challenged? Is it one side rising under the banner of justice and the other a massive evil? Is it a pioneer being chased and overcome by those whose have watched and longed to be like them? Is the single bite one of pleasant sweetness or pungent bitterness?

As each artist takes on their own challenge, how is the scenery of the universe they create reflected in the heart and mind of you, the viewer?

11/12/2020(fri) -  22/12/2020(tue)

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