Emiko Aoki’s “Infinity” series is based on a conceptual approach in which the frame of each canvas is composed by an accumulation of individual brushstrokes, expressing the infinite power of images to bring forth meaning. The accumulation of paint from each of these strokes creates unique gradation and shadows, which in turn give birth to a rhythm and form that is overflowing with life.

Since receiving the Grand Prix at 2017’s Face exhibition, the Infinity works have become a calling card for the artist and this exhibition will feature the latest work in the series.

Acrylic on canvas


‘A wish to see the world in its purest state’ – that notion has been the constant motivating force behind my artistic practice. It means building a conceptual universe from everyday events and more than anything else, it requires me to experience the world around me. At the root of all these ideas lie further questions that I have long asked myself about what makes a painting pure.

The INFINITY series is, for me, a field with an unlimited capacity to generate images and an attempt to inspire contemplation of our universe through concrete forms. The paintings from this series have an accentuated materiality that is meant to be “felt” more than “seen”. They are filled with colors that represent life, with a particular emphasis on red. These colors are layered on one brush stroke at a time until they reach a form similar to flower petals. Depending on the space, position and angle where they are seen, it is my hope that they will reveal many different facets to the viewer, almost as if the material itself has been imbued with a life of its own.

As information and methods of expression continue to diversify, the role of painting in contemporary society is another important theme for me. I have limited the focus of my practice to paint and canvas only, but I do make use of modern tools and paint materials to explore a contemporary interpretation of the illusion that is painting itself.

08/11/2021(mon) -  22/11/2021(mon)

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※ Closed on Sundays and holidays.

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