Mezzotint, La manière noire, copperplate intaglio. Inspired by the distinctive rich velvety black that is produced by mezzotint, artist Ami Yamashiro creates a world of nostalgic visions, a sense of mystery and a feeling that one is suspended in the midst of something extraordinary. Her concept, “an untruth that cannot be said to be untrue” causes us to question that which we are viewing. Although to the casual observer the prints appear to be complete, they are not. Yamashiro says, “I want to leave it unfinished to allow the viewer to converse with the subject and complete the work, filtering it through their own experiences and ideas bringing their own thoughts into the process.

Ami YamashiroProfile

Born in Fukuoka, Japan in 1987
Lives and works in Chiba
2013 Received master’s degree at Tokyo University of the Arts with a major in print
2011 Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Department of Fine Arts with a major in print
2006 Graduated from Fukuoka prefectual Yahata Chuo high school, Art Course
【Selected Solo Exhibitions】
2023 Ami Yamashiro-ten (Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo)
Ami Yamashiro: Visualisation of The Unconscious (SEIZAN Gallry, Tokyo )
2021 Ami Yamashiro: Copperplate prints (Oto gallery, Osaka)
2014 Ami Yamashiro-ten (SEIZAN Galley, Tokyo)
2013 Arienaitomoienai Uso (Gallery Pollyanna, Tokyo)
2012 Ami Yamashiro-ten (Gallery Ginza Forest, Tokyo)
2011 Present (Gallery Pollyanna, Tokyo)
【Selected Group Exhibitions】
2023 「Monochrome Story (art Truth, Kanagawa)
2022 machumaYu & Ami Yamashiro: Calendar (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
2021 Three Persons Print Exhibition “Mafuyu no Arpeggio” (art Trush, Kanagawa)
Two Persons Exhibition “Miho Nakamura and Ami Yamashiro” (Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo)
Fantastic Art-ten (DORADO gallery, Tokyo)
2020 Online Exhibition “除災招福 Jo Sai Sho Fuku (Ward off Calamities, Invite Good Luck) :Gods and Yokai in Time of Pandemic” (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
Sosaku Hangaka no Hanga-ten: Jiga Jibori Jizuri (Oto gallery, Osaka)
Wasurerareta Eizo (Gallery cafe Zaroff, Tokyo)
2019 Gohst Tower-ten (Gallery cafe Zaroff, Tokyo)
Samazama na Han Hyogen-ten (Gallery SATORU, Tokyo)
The 3rd Genso Sakuhin Hakuran-kai: Grimoire do (Sanseido Bookstore Jinbocho, Tokyo)
2018 Artist no Hankotsu Seishin (Tagawa Museum of Art, Fukuoka)
Meisaku Hommage-ten (DORADO gallery, Tokyo)
QUARTET: Nihonga, Western painting, Sculpture, Print (Funabashi Tobu, Chiba)
Little Christmas: Chiisana Hanga-ten 2018 (Travelled throughout Japan 2018)
2017 Watashi no Ichu no Gaka-ten (Gallery Echo-ann, Tokyo)
Fantastic Art Exhibition (DORADO gallery, Tokyo)
Xmas & Hajime-ten (Gallery Echo-ann, Tokyo)
2016 Special Exhibition “Neko no Naka no Neko” (Oto gallery, Osaka)
Toki no Nazo-ten (Galerie Loeil, Hyogo)
The 10th anniversary of Gallery Echo-ann (Gallery Echo-ann, Tokyo)
Two Persons Exhibition “Misako Kobayashi and Ami Yamashiro” (Gallery cafe Zaroff, Tokyo)
2015 Atelie-ten (Gallery A BIENTOT, Tokyo)
Utsukushii Shitai-ten (Gallery cafe Zaroff, Tokyo)
machumaYu and Ami Yamashiro: Futari no Komoriuta (Gallery cafe Zaroff, Tokyo)
Art ga arukara Tanoshii deko★decoration? DECO! (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo)
2014 Three Persons Exhibition “Ōdō ka Itan ka” (Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo)
Heya no E-ten (DORADO gallery, Tokyo)
LIONCEAUX PLUS: Hanasake Gendai Youga no Shunei-tachi Vol.4 (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo, continued until 2015)
Soteiga-ten II: Bungaku to Art no Deai (PALETTE GALLERY, Tokyo)
2013 Fantastic Art-ten (DORADO gallery, Tokyo)
Monogatari no naka no Shujinkou-ten 2 (Gallery Echo-ann, Tokyo, continued in 2018)
Fuyuhiko Yamamoto ga erabu Wakate sakka  shohin-ten 2 (Gallery Echo-ann, Tokyo)
Black & White-ten (DORADO gallery, Tokyo)
Wakakute Kireina Sakka-ten Part 1 (Oto gallery, Osaka)
Something Precias (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
Gallery Echo-ann no Christmas (Gallery Echo-ann, Tokyo)
2012 Summer Festa 2012 (Gallery Echo-ann, Tokyo, continued in 2013, 2018, 2021)
The 80th Hanga-ten (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo)
Two Person’s Copperplate Print Exhibition “Chieko Minowa & Ami Yamashiro” (Gallery Echo-ann, Tokyo)
2011 Four Persons Exhibition “Han no Zokei: Z-News” (Gallery Lara Tokyo, Tokyo)
Four Persons Exhibition “Under the fantasy” (DESIGN FESTA GALLERY, Tokyo)
POSTCARD comunication-ten (Roppongi Print Club, Tokyo)
GTS Sumida river Shin Meisho Monogatari 2011 (Sumida Park Riverside Gallery, Tokyo)
The 36th Annual Exhibition of the Japan Society of Printmaking (Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo)
2009 Hando×hando (Bumpodo gallery, Tokyo)

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