Mezzotint, La manière noire, copperplate intaglio. Inspired by the distinctive rich velvety black that is produced by mezzotint, artist Ami Yamashiro creates a world of nostalgic visions, a sense of mystery and a feeling that one is suspended in the midst of something extraordinary. Her concept, “an untruth that cannot be said to be untrue” causes us to question that which we are viewing. Although to the casual observer the prints appear to be complete, they are not. Yamashiro says, “I want to leave it unfinished to allow the viewer to converse with the subject and complete the work, filtering it through their own experiences and ideas bringing their own thoughts into the process.

Ami YamashiroProfile

1987 Born Fukuoka Prefecture
2006 Graduated Hachiman Central High School Art course .
2011 Graduated Tokyo University of Art and Design, School of Painting and `Prints
2013 Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Prints first laboratory completed.
Mezzotint (Copper engraving print) artist, designer
2009 Hando × hando Group Exhibition (Tokyo)
PRINT SHOW Group Exhibition (Tokyo University of Art and Design Gallery /Hachioji)
2010 STARTING PRINT group exhibition
2011 Group exhibition, 4 years prints Tokyo University of Art and Design “36 Views version”
Camaboco exhibition participation (Tokyo University of Art and Design, old building painting / Hachioji)
Graduation Exhibition (Tokyo University of Art and Design / Hachioji)
Quadruple Exhibition modeling Z-News of version (Roppongi)
Under the fantasy ~ 4-person show (Harajuku)
79th Japan Print Association Exhibition, Selected
POSTCARD communication Exhibition (Prints Roppongi Club / Roppongi)
Prints Collection Exhibition 2011 (Tokyo University of the Arts Gallery version /Ueno)
GTS Sumida New Landmark Story 2011 (Sumida Riverside Gallery / Asakusa)
Tawara Award Exhibition (Tokyo University of the Arts Gallery version / Ueno)
The 36th National Print Exhibition University (Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts / Machida)
Solo Exhibition “Present” (Tokyo)
2012 “Yamashiro Ami Exhibition” Solo Exhibition (Tokyo)
“Tokyo National University of Fine Arts Prints laboratory Exhibition” (Tokyo)
“Summer Festa 2012”
“80th Annual Print Exhibition” (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum / Ueno)
“Two-person show Minowa Chieko & Yamashiro Ami engravings” (Osaka)
“Christmas Edakoan” (Tokyo)
2013 Completion exhibition (Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music Museum 3F / Ueno)
Solo Exhibition, “Fantastic Art Exhibition” (Tokyo)
Solo exhibition, “An untruth that cannot be said to be untrue” (Tokyo)
“Fantastic Art Exhibition” (Tokyo)
Exhibition “Hero of the story” (Tokyo)
“Fuyuhiko Yamamoto’s Choice Young Artists Exhibition II” (Tokyo)
“Summer Festa 2013” (Tokyo)
“Black & White Exhibition” (Tokyo)
“Clean writer Exhibition Part 1 young” (Osaka)
“Something Precious Exhibition” (Gallery Seizan)
“Christmas Edakoan” (Tokyo)
2014 “Heresy or royal road” three-person exhibition (Tokyo)
Exhibition “Picture of the room” (Tokyo)
THE fancy image BOOK “Memorial publication Exhibition (Waseda)
2015 2015 Atelier Exhibition, Asakusa,
Two persons exhibition “Yamashiro Ami & Toshihiko Ikeda (copper engraving)
Exhibition” (Osaka)


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