Inspired by Otogi-zōshi, a collection of short stories written between the Muromachi and Edo Eras (1336 – 1868), Kamei’s pieces in this exhibition have been dubbed Otogi Dolls. Care has been paid to every detail, from their skin color to texture, resulting in a presence that is infinitely eerie, stunning, and awakens the imagination of the viewer. Take a step into an alluring world with Kamei as your guide.

Jun KameiProfile

Born in Wakayama, Japan in 1969
Works and lives in Wakayama, Japan
Started his career as doll creator in 2000 and named his artworks “Otogi Ningyou” which literally means “Fairy doll” in 2006.


【Selected Solo Exhibitions】
2017 “Jun Kamei Sakuhin-ten” (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
2014 “Jun Kamei” (Osaka)
2013 “Jun Kamei Ningyō-ten” (Wakayama)
2005 “Yōen, Tanbi, Ningyō: Jun Kamei Art Figure-ten” (Kyoto)


【Selected Group Exhibitions】
2016 Two persons exhibition “Usuki × Kamei” (Tokyo)
“Ayashi no Aquarium-ten” (Tokyo)
“Break Zenya-ten” (Tokyo)
“Kudoyama Art Week” (Wakayama)
2015 “Armenia Embassy of Japan Setsuritsu kinen Kōryū tenran-kai” (Kanagawa)
Two persons exhibition “Usuki × Kamei” (Tokyo)
“Engimono-ten” (Tokyo)
“WAKAYAMA SALONE 2015” (Wakayama)
“Nin・gyō-ten” (Tokyo)
“Kimi no Festa” (Wakayama)
2014 “Two persons exhibition “Usuki × Kamei” (Tokyo)
“Ningyō Henai Shugi-ten” (Tokyo)
“Nin・gyō-ten” (Tokyo)
2013 “Two persons exhibition “Usuki × Kamei” (Tokyo)
“Nin・gyō-ten” (Tokyo)
“ART GENT” (Belgium)
2012 “ART KYOTO 2012” (Kyoto)
“Two persons exhibition “Usuki × Kamei” (Tokyo)
“Nin・gyō-ten” (Tokyo)
“Emerging Director’s Art Fair ULTRA005” (Tokyo)
2011 “ART KYOTO 2012” (Kyoto)
“Nin・gyō-ten” (Tokyo)
“Emerging Director’s Art Fair ULTRA004” (Tokyo)
2010 “Emerging Director’s Art Fair ULTRA003” (Tokyo)
“Salon des Beaux Arts” (the Louvre Museum, France)
2006 “Figure Sakka no Shin Sekai-ten” (Tokyo)

02/09/2019(mon) -  13/09/2019(fri)

11:00 am - 7:00 pm
11:00 am - 5:00 pm on Saturday and the final day of the exhibition.
The gallery will close on 9/8

Artist in gallery: 9/2 (Mon), 3(Tue), 11(Wed)~13(Fri).