Yohei Yashima has spent the majority of his career crafting works that embody human loneliness and anxiety through paintings of anonymous, mass-produced dolls. Referring to his dolls as relatable items that every viewer can project themselves onto, Yashima uses the figures as empty vessels to fill with the traumas and emotions human beings are usually too scared to confront face-to-face.

Yashima had earlier developed an interest in confronting present-day society after spending a year in Germany in 2018. His artworks approach human despair with compassion, warmth and a unique sense of humor, all while presenting a cross-section of the present for all to see.

In 2021 he was selected as a member of overseas trainee from the Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation which was established in 2008 to support artists and researchers.


Born in Shimane, Japan in 1985
Lives and works in Hiroshima, Japan
2013 Finished Doctorate at Hiroshima City University graduate school of Arts
2008 Graduated from Kyoto Saga University of Arts (former Kyoto Saga Junior College of Arts)
 【Selected Solo Exhibitions】
2021 Yohei Yashima: Touch (SEIZAN Gallery, New York)
2020 Yohei Yashima: Wave Hands (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
The 36th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition Grand Prize Winner Solo Exhibition YASHIMA Yohei (The Ueno Royal Museum Gallery, Tokyo)
2017 Hiroshima City University ”Senbatsu Yoga-ten” (Akitakata Municipal Yachiyonooka Museum of Art, Hiroshima)
2016 STAY GOLD (NSA, Hiroshima)
2012 G selection GUNZO: Tadanakani iru (gallery G, Hiroshima)
【Selected Group Exhibitions】
2020 Odes to the Everyday: Works from the Ueno Royal Museum Collection (The Ueno Royal Museum Gallery, Tokyo)
KIRINJI 2X2X (gallery UG Tennoz, Tokyo)
2019 The 36th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition (Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo)
Spuren des Wandels (Lortzing ART, Germany)
2018 Imago Mundi project “Hiroshima / Nagasaki” (Luciano Benetton Collection, Italy)
2017 Something precious (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo, continued in 2018, 2023)
2016 Two persons exhibition “Yuki Teshima and Yohei Yashima” (Tenmaya Hiroshima Hatchobori Art Gallery, Hiroshima, continued in 2018) 
2012 Sato International Cultural Scholarship Foundation 21st Scholar Art Exhibition (Sato museum, Tokyo)
Chaos: Asu eno Toikake-ten (Gallery hibiya, Tokyo, continued in 2014, 2016)
2021 The 27th Energia Award (Energia Culture and Sports Foundation, Hiroshima)
2018 Honorable mention for the 30th National Painting Competition Exhibition IZUBI. (Ikeda Museum of Art in 20th Century, Shizuoka)
Grand Prized at the 36th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition (Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo)
2016 Honorable mention for the 2nd Exhibition GEIBUNKYO 2016 (Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto)