Left : h5.8 × w7 × d8.7 cm
Center : h6.7 × w6.5 × d9 cm
Right : h4 × φ3.6 cm


With death and rebirth as its conceptual basis, Kengo Takahashi’s practice involves the use of powerful thermal energy and ultra-thin precision casting techniques. He has defined the act of giving new shape to deceased lifeforms and placement of them into different vessels as a “transfer of life”, resulting in works that visualize the being’s essence and resonate beyond borders and ethnicity.


SEIZAN Gallery is pleased to announce the 2nd release of Re:start, consisting of thirty limited works by Kengo Takahashi in the fall. Re:start is emblematic of the “new beginning” that evolves from our willingness to question and seriously reconsider the consequences and circumstances that arise from our actions. It also expresses hope for the “answers” that could potentially emerge from that questioning.

The work has been created with a limited number of 30. As Takahashi’s practice involves the aluminum casting of actual flowers, the original material is consumed by the casting process, meaning each edition is a unique piece made from unique source materials.*

Please contact us at the below email address or phone numbers. Please also feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Art Japan Co.,Ltd,  Seizan Gallery




Due to production circumstances, we expect to offer the works in three separate rounds.

Round 1   Sunday, 11:00, May 21, 2023 – Sunday, May 28, 2023  Sold Out
*There will be no lottery sales for the first distribution.

■ Round 2 Fall 2023

■ Round 3 Spring 2024


For inquiries or further details
Phone   +81 3-3546-7356