Having completed the doctoral program of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (Japanese paintings) at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2013 Hiroko Takeda furthered her studies in China. After advanced study and training in China, Hiroko Takeda’s skills and creative senses are highly refined. This is her first solo exhibition after her return to Japan, and her most recent works will be shown. Highly acclaimed as a rising new star in Nihonga, the world she spins in her paintings will mesmerize you.

Hiroko TakedaProfile

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1983
Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan
Presently, part-time lecturer at Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts
2014 Finished Chinese Flower and Bird painting course at China Academy of Art
2013 Overseas researcher in China (The Pola Art Foundation)
2012 Finished Doctorate at Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Conservation, Major in Conservation and Restoration of Nihonga
2007 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, School of Fine Art, Major in Nihonga
【Selected Solo Exhibitions】
2022 Oku no Mori e (Gallery Concept 21, Tokyo) (Granted by  Art Council Tokyo, Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation)
Matataku Keshiki (Sendai Mitsukoshi, Miyagi)
2020 Kokyu suru Keshiki (Nihombashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo)
2018 Hiroko Takeda: Flower Viewing (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
Hiroko Takeda Nihonga-ten (Sendai Mitsukoshi, Miyagi)
2016 Hiroko Takeda Nihonga-ten: Garden of The Sun and The Moon (Sendai Mitsukoshi, Miyagi)
2015 Hiroko Takeda Nihonga-ten: Garden of The Sun and The Moon (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
2013 Kehai no Tsubu (Gallery Hugo’s, Tokyo)
2012 Hiroko Takeda-ten (f.e.i art gallery, Kanagawa)
2011 Hiroko Takeda-ten (Art Space Rashinban, Tokyo, continued in 2012)
【Selected Group Exhibitions】
2021 GINZA ESKIWA Collaboration Event “Harufuru Hana no Koe” (HYPERMIX, Tokyo)
Konomano-kai (Yohgarou, Tokyo)
From: The Exhibition of Japanese Paintings in Each Artist’s Style (Sato Sakura Museum, Tokyo)
2020 Victory Bouquets: From Artists to Medalists (The Sato Museum of Art, Tokyo)
2019 The Red: Woman (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
2018 Bun-Po-Nichi・Ten (The university Art Museum, Tokyo)
So So: Monoiu Hana (Nihombashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo)
2017 Pola Museum Annex 2017: Sensitivity and Emergence (Pola Museum Annex, Tokyo)
Two Persons Exhibition: Hiroko Takeda + Yoshitoshi Shinomiya (Art Space Rashinban, Tokyo)
2013 Kaku no Kai (Seizan gallery, Tokyo, continued in 2017)
Sen no Kai (Seizan gallery, Tokyo, continued in 2015)
2011 Tokyo University of the Arts Doctoral Program Final Exhibition (The University Art Museum, Tokyo)
Something Precious (Seizan gallery, Tokyo, continued in 2016, 2017)
2010 Nihon no Ga-ten (Gallery Ken, Saitama)
The 19th Scholarship Art Exhibition (The Sato Museum of Art, Tokyo)
2009 Tokyo University of the Arts The 57th Graduation Works Exhibitions (The University Art Museum, Tokyo; Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo)
Nihon no Ga-ten (GREEN ART TEAM masuii R.D.R, Saitama)
Shinju-kai (Nihombashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo)
Yume no kai (Seibu Ikebukuro, Tokyo, continued until 2011)
【Public Collections】
The University Art Museum (Tokyo)
Yamanashi Gakuin University
Komyoin Temple (Kanagawa)
The Sato Museum of Art (Tokyo)
2011 Nomura Art Prize for Thesis Work

02/10/2015(fri) -  16/10/2015(fri)

Open: 11:00am – 7:00pm *Sat, last day 11:00am – 5:00pm

Closed: Sun & Holidays