The “Timeless Reflection” series presented in this exhibition marks a stylistic departure for the artist.
While known for using motifs reminiscent of software glitches to symbolize the feelings and stray thoughts of contemporary humans living among technology, Okamura’s new pieces depict the moon on the surface of rippling water, an image that expresses the relationship between individuals’ internal lives and the world at large.
Okamura is an artist who continues to explore what lies beyond our interchanging, divergent, and forever mutually influential worlds, and we hope you will come experience his works for yourself.

Timeless Reflections
h58 × w151 cm
Kirikane and print on reflective sheet, print on hologram sheet


“There is more to the world than what we see.”

The “Timeless Reflections” series was born from the notion that the everyday reality our eyes perceive may, in fact, be an illusion.

As we go through our daily lives, the world is filled with countless intersecting perspectives, much like a video game, and each branching line is a ripple that expands to influence our future. Is it possible for us to take notice of those innumerable bifurcations, find the worlds that unfold down each path, and step out of our existing framework into a new dimension?

The works in this exhibition are holograms composed of shifting light. At first glance they look like solid black panels, but seen from a different angle, psychedelic colors emerge in the background. The transformation is reflective of the infinite possibilities that exist beyond our visual perception, inviting your consciousness on an endless journey of discovery.

Are you prepared to locate the truth that lies behind what you see?

19/07/2024(fri) -  30/07/2024(tue)

※ Open by appointment only on Saturdays.
※ Closed on Sundays and holidays.

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