The blue-toned night landscapes painted by Yuichi Kashima pull from the artist’s own memories. By sculpting the surface of his works with a carving knife and layering colors over the results, Kashima is able to directly reflect physical sensations onto canvas, bringing an incredible reality to his recreated experiences.

The pieces also activate the viewers’ own senses, invoking a curious sense of nostalgia.

Sagami Line
Acrylic, oil on panel


As the day darkens, objects that fill the landscape lose their shape, leaving only a general outline illuminated by the light.
When you walk at night, even your body melts into the darkness and only your senses remain.
The thudding sounds of footsteps suddenly seem louder than ever.
Returning home, I begin retracing my memories as I chip away at the canvas with a chisel.
The sounds converge with the sensory memory of the evening footsteps I heard,
and when the chiseled void is filled once again with new layers of paint, those memories are imprinted onto the canvas as if passing through a filter.
Perhaps this allows me to better express reality as I know it.

10/04/2024(wed) -  23/04/2024(tue)

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