Chisato Matsumoto uses traditional Japanese tie-dyeing techniques to create three-dimensional works.
By treating each drop of dye as a person and their aggregate as an entire society, her pieces symbolically express the dichotomy between individuals and crowds, in the process reflecting the hidden passions that lie beneath the contemporary world.

The piece on display in this new exhibition, Heart, is one in which grains of dye move with the energy of a living organism. Those autonomous grains then converge into a single entity and breathe as one.

h75×w95×d20 cm
Polyester fabric, yarn for knitting machine, electrical equipment


“Heart” is a work in which individual hand-wrung drops of dye form a living, writhing organism and cast off light. The piece is reminiscent of volcanic magma or the circulation of blood and fluids within the body, and it pulsates with a heartbeat-like rhythm. While each drop of dye functions as an independent entity, the diverse whole resonates with a common primeval energy.


Heart installation movie


Dive in Tokyo NHK WORLD


02/02/2024(fri) -  14/02/2024(wed)

※ Open by appointment only on Saturdays.
※ Closed on Sundays and holidays.

Artist in gallery:
February 2, 2024

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