Hajime Nakatomi has participated in exhibitions all over the world and his artworks are found in many public collections abroad, making him one of the few Japanese bamboo artists active on a large scale.
Taking advantage of bamboo’s straight yet supple form, the braided curves that he creates are orderly yet organic and imbued with the beauty of a single living organism.
At first glance, they may not even look like bamboo. However, bamboo is the only material that could give birth to their shape.

Frill: Surging Waves
w61×d44×h47 cm
Bamboo, rattan, lacquer


The Frill series emerged from the abundance of soft, frilly objects that surrounded me after the birth of my daughter.
Just as tranquil rippling waves eventually produce raging billows, nature is not merely gentle, but also, at times, violent.
Like mountain bamboo reeds that stretch upward toward heaven, the fibers of these fabrics may be both straight as a ruler and supple enough to form curved lines. I hope they instill in you a mysterious sensation akin to nature’s undulations.

24/11/2023(fri) -  02/12/2023(sat)

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Artist in gallery:
November 24, 2023

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