Yoshiki Kikuno uses screen-printing techniques to create minimalist compositions. By restructuring hand-drawn motifs as printed elements, he is able to create complex textures within simple lines, resulting in surfaces that appear stoic but are interwoven with richly expressive details. This is the artist’s first exhibition with Seizan Gallery and he will mark the occasion by taking on new artistic challenges.

One’s Every Action
h118.9×w118.9 cm


The images visible to us from our everyday lives change with the seasons and the passage of time, shifting constantly in color and shape or even spurred by the power of nature to display unforeseen faces. My practice seeks to capture on canvas the feelings I experience when I encounter these mystical manifestations of nature’s beauty, scenes that could never be created by human hands.

27/10/2023(fri) -  03/11/2023(fri)

※ Open by appointment only on Saturdays.
※ Closed on Sundays and holidays.

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