As ordinary days repeat, certain things become so second nature that they are “unseen, even as they are seen.” From the pebbles that mark the sidewalks down which we pass to the mother of pearl buttons that fasten our clothes, where did these things come from and how did they find their way into our hands?

Even if we can’t see the undulations of deep underground currents, the heat that circulates within massive rock formations, or other natural activities that are repeated over dizzyingly long timespans, the artist Mizuho Fukumuro believes those things have synergy with own bodies and the emotions we express.

The landscapes of 10,000 years ago and the scenery that spreads out at our fingertips today… By gradually applying layer after layer of paint to create crisscrossing lines and perspectives, Mizuho Fukumuro explores the relationship between far distant locations and our own selves.

Spur 29
h100 × 100 cm
Acrylic, pigmented ink, oil, cotton on wood panel


I have long focused on motifs such as stratums of sea water, earth, or groundwater, creating artworks that depict unseen, distant locations and express the hidden blessings of nature.

Spur series, which symbolizes “footprints” or “traces,” began in 2020 and includes a variety of motifs, such as pane glass and mother of pearl. These works have shown a particular focus on the traces left by human beings on such objects. Through the act of painting, I attempt to capture the ways that the behavior and emotions of living things are intertwined with and accumulate within natural systems.

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