It’s said that Michelangelo described his sculptures as the result of seeing angels in the raw marble and trying to set them free.
Viewing Akie’s creations, one feels a certain synergy with those words. She, too, finds living beings lying within the material form of stones and acts to release them. Now, the artworks born from that process have been collected in a catalog, which is set to be published.

In honor of the catalog’s release, we will be exhibiting the piece featured on the book’s cover. We hope you will pay witness to these loveable artworks, born not only from the artist’s gaze and technical skill but also the coincidence that marks her encounters with the individual stones themselves.

With a Vigilant Eye
h5×w7×d4 cm
Acrylic gouache on found natural stone

Price: 220,000 JPY
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A large tiger lying within a stone small enough to fit into the palm of one’s hand.

I consider it a unique encounter when one stone, out of all the stones filling the riverbank in my field of view, looks like an animal to me.
The eons of time that the stone has witnessed, which may have started out as a huge boulder in the deepest mountains – when I think of it, I feel the history of this earth inside the small stone.

I want to paint the living creatures residing inside the stone.

Each and every brushstroke is offered in praise of the tiger.
It emerges from the stone with an overwhelming presence and enchantingly beautiful features. Everything begins with recognizing and valuing the stone itself as one-of-a-kind.

11/10/2022(tue) -  28/10/2022(fri)

※ Closed on Sundays.


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「Sekaini tatta hitotsuno ikimono  Stone Art: Bokutachiwa Ishikara Umareta」
(The only creature in the world  Stone art: When stones come alive)
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Artist in gallery:
11, 15, 22 October

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