Landscapes, music or anything you are familiar with, and the surprise when something you know suddenly appears as a strange thing.
Please come and see the latest work by doll artist Chiaki Suzuki born from her fresh experience.

New Morning
wool, wire, cloth, leather, glass beads, wood, knitting wool, etc.


One morning, a Debussy song that I was listening to casually suddenly traveled through my body like an electric shock. Why, I wondered, would this song I was so familiar with affect me this way now? I felt almost like a baby seeing the outside world for the first time. It was something that I not only had never witnessed, but I never even knew it was there. In the course of my life, I’ve had many such experiences and I believe it is through those experiences that people are reborn again and again.

In fairy tales, the single slipper left behind by the princess changes dramatically in meaning as the night turns into day. It wasn’t a dream. The world where she exists was painted with such beautiful colors. What the prince sees when he awakens must be completely different from the day before.

I pray that I will know more in the future. More new mornings like this.

10/06/2022(fri) -  18/06/2022(sat)

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