Metal artist Katsuhiro Akihama creates various range of artworks such as  Jewelry, sculpture, and uses feathers as his main motief.
For this latest exhibition, Akihama presents an installation art collaborated with the space of  SEIZAN GALLERY TOKYO 凸.

Wind-formed Vessels
h100×φ270 mm
Silver 950

Walking along the shoreline, I sometimes catch sight of fallen feathers. Some are freshly discarded, maintaining the beauty of their original form, while others have been trampled, scattered by the wind and rain, or withered by decay.

Why is it the latter which so often prompt me to stop and stare?
It’s always been a mystery to me.

Why do I feel so compelled to gaze at this sight, which few would consider beautiful, and which calls death to mind?

Having once belonged to beautiful wings that soared freely across the vast sky, these feathers slipped away and are now pinned to earth, where they will decompose. Perhaps it is the passage of time (a kind of drama) that I sense therein.

It is the accumulation of drama from the past that allows me to say that I am who I am.
Even so, the majority has been forgotten and has fallen into the depths of my heart.

Birds too have forgotten the feathers that fell from their wings.

So much of the forgotten drama in my innermost depths is now like these sunken, decayed feathers.
They are vessels, formed in the instant they were hoisted aloft by the winds of emotion.

01/04/2021(thu) -  30/04/2021(fri)

※ Open by appointment only during this exhibition on Saturdays.
※ Closed on Sundays and holidays.

Please contact us from here for appointment and any further enquiries.