Shunsuke Ochi utilizes the aesthetic sense of a new generation to question the nature of contemporary society.

In this exhibition, he will present “artwork that preserves for memory the historically difficult national circumstances” brought on by the twin ‘disasters’ of 2020 – the continuing spread of Covid-19 and the first ever postponement of the Olympic and Paralympic Games that occurred because of it.

2020, 116.7×80.3cm, mixed media


This artwork was created for the eventual commemoration of the Tokyo Olympics in 20xx.

The 1964 Tokyo Olympics were the biggest celebratory event in Japan’s postwar history.

In this way, large-scale celebrations are always preceded by great loss or tragedy, caused by natural or man-made disasters. If we turn that reasoning on its head, we can say that such celebrations are held for the purpose of overcoming these repeated disasters.

What were the 2020 Tokyo Olympics intended to overcome? Before the menace wrought by Covid-19 arrived, how many Japanese people had given thought to such a question?

In the exhibition TOKYO2021, Yohei Kurose remarked, “if the need for repeated celebration is confined to oblivion by the act of celebration, then repeated celebration is, in and of itself, a form of curse.

The unprecedented spread of COVID=19.
The confusion and loss inflicted on Japan by the 2020 Olympics.

This piece was thus created as a memorial, in anticipation of the eventual commemoration of the games in 20xx, to preserve the memory of the two disasters that occurred before the commemoration.

16/10/2020(fri) -  28/10/2020(wed)

※ Open by appointment only during this exhibition on Saturdays.
※ Closed on Sundays and holidays.

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