Yoji Kumagai

When painted by Yoji Kumagai, flowing materials, from air to water and smoke, are not merely frozen at single moments but elongated across the surface of the canvas in lines that reflect time’s passage. Viewing his works will surely stir recognition of these motifs in their state of change. Please enjoy his paintings, full of a quiet tension made possible by skillful depiction of form.

Kengo Takahashi

Kengo Takahashi is known for yearly exhibits of conceptual artwork at art fairs.
Through precision aluminum casting, he creates sculptures with a uniquely metallic expressiveness that is sublimely beautiful and exudes an inner warmth that belies the coldness of the materials, resulting in overwhelming strength of presence. His pieces for this year are new works that express a particularly contemporary message.

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20/03/2020(fri) -  22/03/2020(sun)

SEIZAN Gallery officially announce the cancellation of the participation in ART FAIR TOKYO 2020 from March 19th to 22nd due to spread of the coronavirus.
We appologise for the short notice and appreciate your continuous support and understanding of our decision.