SEIZAN Gallery Tokyo 凸(deco) will open on 6 December, 2019 as the second gallery space of SEIZAN Gallery Tokyo.

To commemorate the opening, SEIZAN Gallery Tokyo 凸 will present the inaugural exhibition: Yasuhiro Asai. Yasuhiro Asai (b.1983) is a Japanese Urushi (lacker) artist renowned with his beautiful and detailed works.

Maki-e (lacquer) Hexagonal shaped Raden Incense container: Drop
h4.9×w6.8×d7.4 cm
Japanese cypress, urushi (lacker), gold, crystal, raden (mother-of-pearl)

06/12/2019(fri) -  20/12/2019(fri)

※ Open until 21:00 on the first day for the Xmas Art Festa.
※ Open Saturday and Sunday by appoiment only.