“Kaku no Kai: Mission Peace”
This unprecedented exhibition presents a collaboration between Nihonga artists, wood carving artists and textile artist. After an initial exhibition at Seizan Gallery in 2013, their works were presented at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art and later at Art Fair Tokyo. The theme is World Peace, and 10 artists express their thoughts on the missile-shaped objects.
Under the operation named Peace, they against any violence to complete their mission.
For this exhibition, they will devote themselves to an installation with the theme of world peace.

“Kengo Takahashi”
Kengo Takahashi, energetic artist who deserves our attention, intends to discover new possibilities in metalwork. His works as superlative craftsmanship include any message for us or our society, so that it is essential fine art works, or so to say “Art from today”.

* The image of Kengo Takahashi may not necessarily be exhibited.

08/02/2019(fri) -  10/02/2019(sun)

Dates and Hours: Friday, March 8 - Sunday, March 10, 2019  ※ Close at 17:00 on the last day.
Place: Tokyo International Forum Hall E (BOOTH No. G61)