During the Age of Exploration, the European powers gathered biological specimens and other numerous rare items from around the world, creating collection chambers known as a “Cabinet of Curiosities” in a number of locations. Hajime Emoto’s works recall this era when people were brimming with curiosity. Through ingenious sculpting techniques, he gives birth to living things steeped in the unknown.
We hope you will enjoy this modern-day Cabinet of Curiosities that will set your heart a-flight.

Hajime EmotoProfile

1970 Born in Hyogo, Japan
1995 Received master’s degree at University of Tsukuba , Program in art and design
Started creating specimen after worked on prints, mainly etching and lithograph until 1999.
“Genju Hyohon Hakubutsuki”, “Genju Hyohon Saishushi”, “Genju Hyohonbako”, “Genju Daihakken” All of those were published by futoh-sha

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