Recent research shows that most people think their pets as special family.
On the other hand, growth in the pet industry has been caused of animal cruelty.
We against those barbarity at the convenience of humans, and we hope to support animal protection and welfare activity through this event.


Announcement of results of the charity auction and the donations

It is delighted to announce that we could get 162,543 JPY for the charity auction on Sunday, Oct 14, 2018. We appreciate all the support we received and our report is as below,

 Auction’s winning bid    84,400円
 Donation box for Save the Dog  33,123円
 Donation box for Dog Shelter  45,020円


※All proceeds for donation will go to animal protection organization; 33,123 JPY to Save the Dog, 129,420 JPY to Dog Shelter.

27/07/2018(fri) -  04/08/2018(sat)

open 11am - 7pm weekdays, 'til 5pm Saturdays, Sundays & Closing days.
Open everyday during the exhibition.

~ Special Charity event ~
Date: Saturday, July 28, 2018
Time: 5-7pm
Venue: Gallery SEIZAN (1f Ginza Habitation, 5-14-16, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061)