Emiko Aoki’s works attract our attention by its bright colors and her unique matieres.

Her works are divided into three types, “EPIPHANY” / “PRESENCE” / “INFINITY”.
She makes use of the reflection of light in the series “PRESENCE” and a large plane of colors and complex small planes harmonize well like a musical performance in the series “EPIPHANY”. Vivid colors piled up on canvas make us think of a series of petal -infinite life-, in the series “INFINITY”.

She said, “colors are light, so I think that is something sacred intuitively. Colors symbolize purity of life and thought in my production and I feel power of life especially in Red and Orange.”

She won the Grand prize of “FACE 2017 Sompo Japan Art Award” and Ohara Museum of Art prize at “VOCA exhibition 2017” last year.

We’ll show “EPIPHANY” and “INFINITY” mainly.

01/02/2018(thu) -  10/02/2018(sat)

11:00-19:00  open everyday during the exhibition
※closed at 17:00 just only on Saturdays, Sundays and last day.

~Reception Party~
date: Thu., February 1, 2018
time: 18:30-