Combining the techniques of masume gaki (grid painting) and pointillism, Cougar has used the concept of low-resolution images as a springboard to explore a next-generational variety of photorealism.

Cougar’s works have been recognized at the 3rd Makurazaki City International Art Awards and with an honorable mention at Art Olympia 2022.

The artist probes graphical cubism’s potential to offer a path beyond super-realism, while also pairing cubist techniques that are diametrically opposed to realism with the expressive qualities of low-resolution images to manifest realism in a more substantial form.

By packaging contradictions, ambiguity, and pendulum swings in a single practice, it could be said that Cougar has left traces of the artist’s “humanity” within the creative process for all to feel.

Cougar thus envelops cubism, realism, and humanity under the single emotional term kawaii (cute) and speaks to us about the importance of our memories of the everyday and those “subjects” and “objects” that once stood at our side.