Alben is a French self-taught artist born in 1973. He is notably in the line of
movements such as the New Realists and Pop Art.

His studies on composite materials led him to participate for 15 years in the building of
satellites and parts for the Ariane space rocket. At the same time, his taste for art drove him to experiment with various forms of creation.

Initially inspired by graffiti, his first canvases combined stencil technique, screen printing and
stamps. Further inspired by Arman and César, his later resin sculptures reflect his fascination with everyday objects, particularly those that have been abandoned, while his casting work and
inclusions indicate not only a quest for aesthetics but also a search for dialogue between background and form.

The results skillfully mix accumulations, assemblages, and shifts in order that shake up our

Since being discovered at the Salon des Artistes Indépendants in Paris in 2006, his works have been exhibited in galleries and Contemporary Art Fairs in France and abroad. Several solo exhibitions in New York have also been devoted to his work.