Motohide Takami’s work focuses on that which is truly frightening about the human heart. By evoking social phenomena in ways that evoke the distance that humans place between themselves and such occurrences, he draws the viewer’s attention to the dread born from our own indifference.


Born in Ishikawa in 1986
Lives and works in Chiba
2012 Received master’s degree at Tohoku University of Art and Design, Yamagata; specialized in culture and the arts, with a major in Western paintings
2010 Graduated from University of Toyama, Faculty of Art and Design, Fine Art and Craft
【Selected Solo Exhibitions】
2021 Motohide Takami: Gazing at the Burning House of the Three Worlds (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
2020 Motohide Takami: Pay No Attention To The Rot (SEIZAN GALLERY TOKYO 凸, Tokyo)
2019 Motohide Takami: Fires On Another Shore (SEIZAN Gallery, New York)
2018 Motohide Takami: Taigan kara mieru Fūkei (JINEN GALLERY, Tokyo)
2016 Motohide Takami: Ishiki no Tozama (JINEN GALLERY, Tokyo)
2015 Motohide Takami: Tsugou no ii Fūkeitachi (JINEN GALLERY, Tokyo)
2014 Motohide Takami: Mitai monoshika Mienai (NICHE GALLERY, Tokyo)
2013 Motohide Takami: Utsushimoyou (SAN-AI GALLERY, Tokyo)
2012 Motohide Takami-ten (Gallery b. tokyo, Tokyo)
【Selected Group Exhibitions】
2020 Yairo no Mori no Art: Spin Off-ten (Ningyomachi Vision’s, Tokyo)
Catenations (Tiger Strikes Asteroid、New York)
ON THIS SHORE (SEIZAN Gallery, New York)
A Single Ant Bite (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo; SEIZAN GALLERY TOKYO凸, Tokyo)
Face 2019: Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Art Award Exhibition (Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Museum of Art, Tokyo)
The 3rd Yairo no Mori Bijutsu-ten (Ikeda Art Museum, Niigata)
Watashi no naka no Murakami Haruki (Gallery Echo-ann, Tokyo)
2017 ACT Art Award Exhibition 2017 (The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Tokyo)
ACT Art Award Exhibition 2017: Winner’s Exhibition (The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Tokyo)
2016 KOWAII-ten V (Gallery 151A, Tokyo)
GALLERY SELECTION-ten (Gallery b.Tokyo, Tokyo)
2015 Gashou-ten (Gallery Kingyo, Tokyo)
Engimono-ten (Gallery 151A, Tokyo)
2015 Autumn Ginza Art Dōbutsuen (YW Gallery, Tokyo)
2014 Tanzaku-ten (Arai Gallery, Art Data Bank, continued in 2015)
2013 Gallery b.Tokyo Gallery Selection (Gallery b.Tokyo, Tokyo)
Kūsou Bijutsu Taishou-ten 2013 (Itochu Aoyama Art Square, Tokyo and Kyoto Zokyoudo Gallery, Kyoto)
New City Art Fair Taipei (Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taiwan (ROC))
2012 KOWAII-ten II (Art Data Bank, Tokyo)
Derby-ten (Gallery n 0, Tokyo)
Gallery SORA: Four Person Exhibition (Gallery SORA, Tokyo)
2011 Aozora DE Art @Gallery two-plus (Gallery two-plus, Tokyo)
The 29th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition (The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo)
2010 Graduate Exhibition at University of Toyama: GEIBUNI (Takaoka Art Museum, Toyama)
University of Toyama, Faculty of Art and Design Gakusei sakuhin sougo kouryu-ten (Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts, Finland)
The 8th Thumb Hole Awards Exhibition, Nishiwaki (Okanoyama Museum of Art, Nishiwaki, Hyogo)
via art 2010 (Shinwa Art Museum, Tokyo)
2021 Front page design of the book King of the Animals: Stories by Russell, Josh (2021) published by LSU Press
2020 Honorable Mention for the FACE2021: Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Art Award
2017 Honorable Mention for the ACT Art Award Exhibition 2017 (The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Tokyo)
2010 Tatehata Award at the 1st graduate exhibition of the University of Toyama: GEIBUNI (University of Toyama, Toyama)