Toshiyuki Kajioka has stoically painted a single subject, the surface of a flowing river, for the past twenty years. After receiving training in traditional Japanese painting at school, Kajioka had an epiphanic moment and discovered what became his ultimate subject matter: the surface of a flowing river. Using only sumi ink and graphite pencil, Kajioka captures the wildness, tranquility, and depth of the river. While the artist intends to capture a riverscape, his work also shares the intense characteristics of abstract painting.


Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1978
Lives and works in Shiga, Japan
2005 Received M.F.A at Kyoto University of Art and Design
【Selected Solo Exhibitions】
2021 Toshiyuki Kajioka: The Edge of Night (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
2020 Toshiyuki Kajioka: While Night Reigns (SEIZAN GALLERY TOKYO 凸, Tokyo)
2013 Toshiyuki Kajioka Solo Exhibition (G/P + g3/gallery, Tokyo)
2011 Shinya-ko, Deep Night (g3/gallery, Tokyo)
2009 Art – life + vol. 11 The Birth Canal—Miraiheno Uneri (Spiral, Tokyo)
Mokushi (Masayoshi Suzuki Gallery, Aichi)
【Selected Group Exhibitions】
2021 Terada Kotaro, Collector: Nambata Tatsuoki, Aigasa Masayoshi and Other Artists (Aizu Museum, Tokyo)
META (Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, Kanagawa)
2020 Nihonga o Hiraku Sakkatachi: The Triennial Competition in Toyohashi Awarded Works (Toyohashi City Museum of Art and History, Aichi)
On This Shore (SEIZAN gallery, New York)
Art on Paper (Pier 36, SEIZAN Gallery Booth, New York)
ART PARIS (Grand Palais, galerie tamenaga Booth,Paris)
Abstraction Japonaise
(galerie tamenaga, Paris)
Tomei-ten (2kw gallery, Shiga)
Monokuro-ten (Gallery Egaku, Kyoto)
2019 Sumi: Japanese Ink Painting From Post-War to the Present (SEIZAN Gallery, New York)
2017 25 Artists Exhibition-SICSF 25th Anniversary Selective Scholarship Recipients (The Sato Museum of Art, Tokyo)
2016 Gendai Suiboku 2015-ten (Gallery Nagai, Tokyo)
2014 Nichijo / Off the Record (Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Kanagawa)
Sumi no Iro (Toyohashi City Museum of Art and History, Aichi)
2013 Konnichi no Sumi Hyogen-ten by 24 artists (The Sato Museum of Art, Tokyo)
Imago Mundi (Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Italy)
2011 TOKYO FRONTLINE (3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, continued in 2012)
The 3rd Nihonga Shin-ten (Museum “Eki” Kyoto, Kyoto, continued in 2012)
Trans-Plex (Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan)
Nichibi-ten (The National Art Center, Tokyo, Tokyo, until 2016)
ART STYLE TOKYO (Q|b Studio, Taipei)
2009 URTLA002 (Spiral Garden, Tokyo)
2008 URTLA001 (Spiral Garden, Tokyo)
Cool Black-ten (Daimaru Tokyo, Tokyo)
2006 Kyoto Shinei Senbatsu-ten (The Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto)
Bidairyoku 14 nin no sakka-ten (Gallery d.g., Tokyo / Art Space Hane, Tokyo)
2005 META II (Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery, Kanagawa, continued in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2016)
2004 Art Exhibition by the 13th annual scholarship recipients of Sato International Cultural Scholarship Foundation (The Sato Museum of Art, Tokyo)
2003 Konton Kara Odorideru Hoshitachi 2003 (Spiral Garden, Tokyo, continued in 2004, 2007, 2014)
2016 Finalist for the 2016 Sovereign Asian Art Prize, HART Hall at H Queen’s and Christie’s (Hong Kong, continued in 2018)
2005 President Award for Thesis Work at Graduate School of Kyoto University of Art and Design
2002 Prized for Shingo Hoshino Prize Exhibition, the 2nd Triennial Competition at Toyohashi City Museum of Art and History (Aichi)