Wanting to distance myself from conceptual thinking, I want to paint things as they are, as I see them, in their natural state.


1956 Born in Hokkaido
1983 Age 27, began painting
1984 Video Art installation
Video Art performance and art exhibition in collaboration with a dj
1991 Refocusing of artistic efforts directed into one genre, painting.
1992 Debut Solo Exhibition
Multiple book cover designs
1997 Hiroyuki Tamino Solo Exhibition, Cross Hotel Sapporo(1997-2012)
2003 “Quiet time” Solo Exhibition
2007 “Flower” Solo Exhibition
Presentation of representative series “Ice Bar”
2008 Solo Exhibition, Gallery Seizan, Sendai Mitsukoshi
Hong Kong Art Fair
2009 Shiseido Calendar
Solo Exhibition, Daimaru Hiroshima, Sapporo
2010  Solo Exhibition, Daimaru Fukuoka, Sapporo
2011 Solo Exhibition, Mitsukoshi Sendai,Ginza
2012 Solo Exhibition, Gallery Seizan

Book cover designs for ; Keigo Tōno, Mariko Hayashi, Ayako Miura, Makiko Uchidate, Asa Nonami