Born in 1957 in Tokyo, Japan
Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan
Presently, Inyū member of Nihon Bijutsuin (The Japan Art Institute)
1987 Received Master’s degree at Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Department of Conservation, Major in Conservation and Restoration of Nihonga
1984 Graduated Tokyo University of the Arts, School of Fine Arts, Department of
Painting, Major in Nihonga
【Selected Solo Exhibitions】
2016 Kiwako Suzuki: Kin to Gin (Nihombashi Mitukoshi, Tokyo) 
2014 Kiwako Suzuki Nihonga-ten (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
Kiwako Suzuki: Junsuinarumama (Sendai Mitsukoshi, Miyagi) 
2012 Kiwako Suzuki Nihonga-ten (Nihombashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo; JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan, Osaka; Sendai Mitsukoshi, Miyagi; Daimaru Shinsaibashi, Osaka) 
2011 Kiwako Suzuki Nihonga-ten (Sendai Mitsukoshi, Miyagi; Sapporo Mitsukoshi, Hokkaido; SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo) 
2009 Kiwako Suzuki Nihonga-ten (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)  
2008 Kiwako Suzuki Nihonga-ten (Matsuyama Mitsukoshi, Ehime; Daimaru Kyoto, Kyoto; Sendai Mitsukoshi, Miyagi)  
2007 Kiwako Suzuki Nihonga-ten (Daimaru Tokyo, Tokyo; Nihombashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo)  
2006 Kiwako Suzuki Nihonga-ten (Sendai Mitsukoshi, Miyagi)  
2004 Kiwako Suzuki Nihonga-ten (Sendai Mitsukoshi, Miyagi; Hiroshima Mitsukoshi, Hiroshima; Sapporo Mitsukoshi, Hokkaido)  
2003 Kiwako Suzuki Nihonga-ten (Tokyo, Aichi, Kyoto, Nagasaki, Kanagawa)  
【Selected Group Exhibitions】
2022 HAKU: The Art of Gold and Silver Leafing (SEIZAN Gallery, New York)
2013 Sen no Kai (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo) 
2010 Joryu-sakka-ten (Hiroshima Mitsukoshi, Hiroshima) 
2009 Something Precious (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo) 
2005 Gendai Nihonga Shinei Sakka-ten (Aichi)
Two-persons Exhibition (Daimaru Tokyo, Tokyo; Daimaru Osaka; Osaka)
2003 Doubutsu-ga Nihonga-ten (Kanagawa) 
1999 S30’s Nihonga-ten (Tokyo, Kanagawa, continued until 2000) 
1996 Natsu Ai no kai (Tokyo, continued every year afterwards) 
1993 Utsukushiki Higashi Nihon-ten (Tokyo Station Gallery, Tokyo) 
1992 Higashi no Kai (Tokyo, continued until 2001) 
1988 Spring In-ten (continued in 1997, 2000)
In-ten (continued in 1990) 
1987 Yume no kai (Tokyo, continued until 1993) 
【Public Collections】
  Tokyo University of the Arts, Yamagata Museum of Art (Yamagata)
Narukawa Art Museum (Kanagawa), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
2011 Picture book “Kiwako Suzuki” (2011) published by Art Japan Co.,Ltd (D.B.A. SEIZAN Gallery)