The summer heat is over; we are well into autumn. Little monsters will invite you to their unusual tea ceremony room. Allow the tinkling wind bells hypnotize you, and let your senses be transcended into a world of Japanese spirits and mythological creatures.

Ayako NakamuraProfile

Formerly Four-frame comic artist

2011 Graduated Musashino Art University correspondence course Japanese painting.
Compass (Kyobashi) Group Exhibition
2012 Compass (Kyobashi) Dorongu & Pieces Exhibition
Compass (Kyobashi) Group Exhibition
2013 Flying Group, Sato Museum of Art
Two heroes in the story Edakoan (Ginza)
Creatures in the story, (Hibiya)
2014 April 18 to 26 Two-person show, Gallery Seizan
June 23 to 28 solo exhibition at Compass
Hyakki Yakou, Group exhibition, Gallery Seizan


Ruiji AibaProfile

1964 Born Fukuoka Prefecture
1988 Graduated, Osaka Gakuin University.
1992 Graduate Aichi Prefecture Vocational School, Ceramics
2005 Momochuhana Nagoya
Momsuikyou Matsuzakaya Ginza
2006 Maboroshiniwaharuya (Dreamy garden on a spring night) Nagoya
Gekofuyuu (Floating Moonlight) Nara
Maboroshi niwa fuyuya (Dreamy garden on a winter night) Tokyo
2007 Karakomekyuu (Labyrinth) Nagoya
Nekotawamure ichikingyou meikyuu (Playful cat and goldfish Labyrinth)
Gekofuyuu (Floating Moonlight) Sabae city, Fukui Prefecture
2008 Chinbutsutouki (Rare thing earthen vessel) Nagoya
Siumisanyou (Charming Water Mountain) Tokyo
Maboroshitouki (Dreamy vessel) Nara
2009 Junharu (Spring Cruiser) Nagoya
Neko niwa maboroshi, Tokyo
Gekoukitan, Sabae city, Fukui Prefecture
2010 Tsubouchuuten Nagoya
Suegensou Osaka
Karakotenyu Tokyo
Karakotenyu Matsuyama Mitsukoshi
Karakoutenyu   Saga city, Saga Prefecture
2011 Korechoukan Nagoya
Gensoutouki (Illusionary documents) Ginza Mitsukoshi Art Gallery, Tokyo
Gekoukan Sabae city, Fukui Prefecture
Gekoutan Saga city, Saga Prefecture
2012 Aiba Ruiji Exhibition Ichigekkounioyogu (Swimming in the moon), Nagoya
Karakoufushigitan (What a wonder), Hofu city, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Karakoufushigitan (What a wonder), Ginza Mitsukoshi, Art Gallery, Tokyo
Aiba Ruiji Exhibition, Contemporary Ceramics Salon Momo Ao, Osaka
2013 Art Fair Tokyo 2013, Ruiji Aiba exhibition
Ruiji Aiba exhibition, Nagoya, Aichi
Ruiji Aiba exhibition, Mitsukoshi Art Space, Ginza, Tokyo
2014 Solo Exhibition, Wakaran, Ginza Mitsukoshi
Solo exhibition, “Zankyo” (Reverberation), Karuizawa
Museums/Special exhibitions
2008 Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics in the Tokkai area by up and coming artists
2009 Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair, TOBI Art Forum, / data bank
Korea Daegu Art Fair, art data bank


Yasushi IkejiriProfile

1971 Born in Hokkaido
1991 Graduated from Toyo Institute of Arts & Design
2005 Picture book “Ue no Ue Saki no Saki ” publication
2008 Bologna International Exhibition Original picture book prize
2012 Group exhibition “Precious Things Exhibition” (Gallery Seizan)
2013 Solo exhibition “Ikejiri Yasushi Exhibition” (Gallery Seizan)
Group Exhibition “SENSU Exhibition” (Gallery Seizan)
2014 Solo exhibition(Art Fair Tokyo2014, Gallery Seizan)
Solo exhibition (SENDAI MITSUKOSHI)
“Hyakki Yakou”, Group exhibition, Gallery Seizan
“Something Precious” Group exhibitions (Gallery Seizan)
2015 SENSU -Japanese Fans-, Group exhibitions (Gallery Seizan)
Solo exhibition (IKEBUKURO TOBU)
“Something Precious” Group exhibitions (Gallery Seizan)


Haruomi IzumiProfile

1979 Born in Chiba
2003 Graduated Tokyo University of the Arts Faculty of Fine Arts Japanese painting
2004 Garyusakura Japanese Painting Award Exhibition <Award>
2005 Graduate School of Fine Arts, Master’s Program
Completed Design Course
received <Design Award>
Surf break convocations, (Ginza Matsuzakaya, Nagoya Matsuzakaya head office, annual participant thereafter)
2006 Young Painters Exhibition (Obuse Museum Nakajima Chinami Museum
(renamed to ShinPA!, annual participant thereafter)
L’Espoir Exhibition (Ginza)
2008 HanaNami (Flower-Wave) (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, ~ ’12)
2009 Solo Exhibition (Chiba Bank Art Gallery)
Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair 2009 (Tobi Art Forum)
2010 Tokyo University of the Arts, Part-time lecturer (~ ’12)
In admiration of spring exhibition (Gallery Seizan)
Solo Exhibition (Mitsukoshi Sendai)
Something Precious Exhibition (Gallery Seizan, annual participant)
2011 Solo Exhibition (Keiyo Bank head office, ’14)
East Japan Earthquake reconstruction
2012 Technique course “window of Art” 3, 4, and serialized in the May issue
From now Young Japan Painters Exhibition (Hiroshima)
Kaleidoscope Exhibition Young Japanese Painters Exhibition
(Shinsaibashi,Annually thereafter)
Mitsukoshi × National University of Fine Arts and Music Summer Arts Festival 2012 (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi)
2013 Oka Sho Exhibition (Sato Sakura Museum Tokyo)
Venice Biennale imago mundi- Luciano Benetton Collection Exhibition -
 SENSU Exhibition (Gallery Seizan)
Solo Exhibition (Gallery Seizan)
2014 The Sound of Waves, (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi)
Mitsukoshi × National University of Fine Arts and Music Art Fair TOKYO (Tokyo International Forum)
Solo Exhibition (Chiba Bank Sunflower gallery)
2015 ShinPA in Suwa (Kitazawa Museum of Art)
Numerous group and solo exhibitions within department stores


Eri IwasakiProfile

1968 Born Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture
1988 Graduated Kyoto Saga University of Arts, Japanese painting
1990 Kyoto Saga University of Arts Graduate School of Japanese painting completed Kyoto Art College Exhibition, Tabula Rasa (Kyoto)Kyoto Saga University of Arts 1991 Graduation Exhibition Daikakuji AwardKyoto Japanese Painting, Selected State-of-the-art Exhibition Award Winners (Omishima Museum / Ehime)
1993 Red Kyo-ten Award (Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art Award 1997 hereinafter)
1998 Kyoto Japanese Painter Association Selection State-of-the-art Exhibition Mainichi Prize Winners (Museum of Kyoto)
1999 Solo Exhibition (Kyoto)
2000 NEXT 3rd Exhibition Japanese Painting Kyoto Invitational Exhibition (Kyoto Takashimaya)Art synapse 2000 (Kyoto)
2001 Japan Exhibition Hyogo Arts and Culture Association Awards Aogaki 2001Winners (Aogaki town center / Hyogo)
2004 Solo Exhibition Kyoto Art Map 2004 (Kyoto)7th NEXT Exhibition Japanese painting, Kyoto (Kyoto Takashimaya, ’07)
2005 Solo Exhibition (Tokyo)
2006 Solo Exhibition (Kyoto)The Human mind and human expression are beautiful, – the charm of Japanese Painting, from the Meiji Era to modern times “(Tokushima Prefectural Museum of Modern Art)
2007 Solo Exhibition (Kyoto, Tokyo)Diversity of Japanese painting expressions, Osaka Seikei University Faculty of Arts
Space B
Trade shows (Kyoto)
2008 Solo Exhibition (Kyoto Daimaru, Oita)NEXT, 10 years of NEXT 1998-2007, Representation of Japanese painting from Kyoto
Japan Exhibition Opening up the Era (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi)
2009 Kyoto Japanese painting New Exhibition (JR Kyoto Isetan Museum “Station” KYOTO)Art Fair Tokyo (Tokyo International Forum / Gallery Seizan Gallery booth)
NIHONGA · Kyo (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi)
Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair (Tokyo Art Club / Gallery Seizan booth) Tobi Forum (Tokyo)
Second Kyoto Japanese Painting New Exhibition, 2010 (JR Kyoto Isetan Museum “Station” KYOTO)
Kyoto City Arts Newcomer Award Twenty-first year of Heisei (2009)
Hyatt Regency Atonau (Kyoto)
Gallery Suchi Opening Exhibition (Tokyo)
Second NIHONGA ·(Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi / Tokyo)
Kobe Art Marche Portopia Hotel (Kobe)
2011 3rd New Japanese Painting Exhibition (JR Kyoto Isetan Museum of Art Station-Kyoto) (Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi, Tokyo, JR Osaka JapanEri Iwasaki Exhibition (Isetan Mitsukoshi Osaka, Sendai Mitsukoshi Sendai)
3rd Nihonga, (Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi, Tokyo, JR Osaka Isetan Mitsukoshi Osaka)
Kobe Art Marche (Kobe Meriken Park Hotel Kobe)
KIAF Korea International Art fair (Seoul)
2012 Objet Japanese painter, (Kyoto)”Encounter of art shelf with the exception of Pandora” (Kyoto)
“ART KYOTO 2012″ (Kyoto)
“ART TAIPEI” (Taipei)
2013 solo exhibition, “Eri Iwasaki Exhibition-A garden-” (Gallery Seizan)Group Exhibition “SENSU Exhibition” (Gallery Seizan)
2014 Eri Iwasaki – Juinchi Matsuda, two person Exhibition, (Kyoto)
2015 Eri Iwasaki Nihonga solo exhibition “The World Begins”, (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo)

Public collection
Public collection
Omishima Museum (Ehime) Kyoto

2006XIV Kyoto Yaserikyu Japanese Restaurant “Kyoto Hana-reki” private room wall decoration panel


Ken ShiozakiProfile

1972 Born Machida, Tokyo
1995 Completed Tama Art University, Japanese Painting (Nihonga) Department
Joined Rengeji main hall ceiling painting project (Nakano-ku, Tokyo  Rengeji)
1997 Tama Art University Graduate School of Fine Arts, Graduate School of Japanese Painting (Nihonga)
2007 Exhibition “Future the Movie, Japanese paintings” (Aichi)
“Contemporary Japanese painting Wonderland” (Gunma / Takasaki Tower Museum)
2008 “Mitsukoshi Japanese Painting Special Exhibition” (Sendai Mitsukoshi)
Solo Exhibition “Shiozaki Ken – COMICALIZE” (Tokyo)
Group Exhibition, (Sapporo Daimaru Tokyo Daimaru)
2009 Solo Exhibition “Shiozaki Ken” (Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “Something Precious Exhibition” (Gallery Seizan, annually)
2010 Exhibition “perspective of 7 +7 up-and-coming artists” (Daimaru Sapporo)
“Art Fair Tokyo 2010″ (Tokyo International Forum / Gallery Seizan booth)
Rinzai school Myoshinji Ryugenji Project (Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Solo Exhibition “Shiozaki Ken Japanese Painting Exhibition” (Gallery Seizan)
2011 Japanese painting group exhibition “From Now” (Mitsukoshi Sapporo, Mitsukoshi Hiroshima)
Art Festival featuring contemporary young artists (Matsuyama Mitsukoshi)
Group Exhibition, “Kaleidoscope” Young Japanese Painters Exhibition (Daimaru Shinsaibashi)
Solo Exhibition “Shiozaki Ken Now/Then, a story. Japanese Painting” (Sendai Mitsukoshi)
2012 Solo exhibition “Shiozaki Ken Japanese Painting” (Daimaru Shinsaibashi)
2013 Group Exhibition “SENSU Exhibition” (Gallery Seizan)
Solo Exhibition “Shiozaki Ken Japan Exhibition” (Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi)
Group Exhibition “SENSU Exhibition” (Gallery Seizan)
Solo Exhibition “Shiozaki Ken Japan Exhibition” (Tobu Ikebukuro)
2014 Group Exhibition “Hyakki Yakkou” (Gallery Seizan)
Solo Exhibition “Shiozaki Ken Japan Exhibition -Esoragoto-” (Sendai Mitsukoshi)
Production of the Shingonshu Inariyama Komyoin temple gate ceiling painting (Kanagawa Prefecture / Inariyama Komyoin)
 2017  “Ken Shiozaki Nihonga Exhibition” (Funabashi Tojo)
Solo Exhibition “Ken Shiozaki Nihonga Exhibition – Ryuginsha” (Miyagi Mitsukoshi, Sendai)
“Ikebukuro Tojo Egaichi, Akio Ohmori, Ken Shiozaki Futari Ten”(Ikebukuro Tojo)
“Something Precious – Strawberry -”(Seizan Gallery)
“Ultra Seven – 50th Anniversary TAP in SHIBUYA” (Seibu Shibuya)
 2018  “Haru no Omotenashi Kai, Hiroshima” (Fukuya Hatchobori Store)
Nihonga: Contemporary Art of Japan” (SEIZAN Gallery, New York)


Kouki TsujimotoProfile

1989 Born in Nagasaki
2011 Group exhibition GENOMICA (Toho Art)
2012 Futakotamagawa Tamagawa Takashimaya Art Project
Art Exhibition of the next generation (Takamatsu Tenmaya 5th Floor Art Gallery)
2013 New Year Special Exhibition Exhibition (Toho Art)
Ozaki Mine-Ogasawara Yusuke Tsujimoto Kouki Exhibition (Tokyo)
Group exhibition GENOMICA (Tokyo)
Special Exhibition SENSU (Japanese Fan) (Gallery Seizan )
Group Exhibition, Something Precious (Gallery Seizan)
2014 New Year Exhibition (Tokyo)
Japanese Fan “Uchiwa” Exhibition, (SOGO Yokohama)
“Kenzan” Group Exhibition (Tower Hall, Funabashi)
Tsujimoto Kouki Solo Exhibition, (Gallery Seizan)
“Something Precious” Group Exhibition (Gallery Seizan)
Solo show Ikebukuro Tobu 6th Floor Art Gallery


23/09/2016(fri) -  29/09/2016(thu)

11:00am-7:00pm ※Sat, Sun, and last day will be closed at 5:00pm.
Open throughout the Exhibition