• 「混在」M15(652×455mm)墨、和紙、水干絵具、アクリル
  • 「象山」M15(652×455mm)墨、和紙、水干絵具、アクリル
  • 「鹿威し」M10(530×333mm)墨、和紙、水干絵具、アクリル
  • 京の魚」2016年
「混在」M15(652×455mm)墨、和紙、水干絵具、アクリル 「象山」M15(652×455mm)墨、和紙、水干絵具、アクリル 「鹿威し」M10(530×333mm)墨、和紙、水干絵具、アクリル 京の魚」2016年

Curious narratives are carefully woven by intricate strokes in ink and acrylics.
At first glance, Hori’s works look like ink wash painting,
and yet the cute and unique characters appearing there are either contemporary or nostalgic.
A pleasant mixture of anachronisms gradually speaks to our heart.

02/09/2016(fri) -  16/09/2016(fri)

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