This will be Koki Tsujimoto’s first exhibition at Seizan Gallery in three years. Employing pigments that burst with heat, his works seem to paint even the air around them with dazzling color. The figures depicted in this many-hued universe are animals that symbolize good fortune. In their powerful, dynamic forms we sense a sincere prayer for good in the world. We look forward to showing you the growth of this energetic, rapidly maturing artist.

Koki TsujimotoProfile

Born in Nagasaki, Japan in 1989
Works and lives in Tokyo, Japan
 2012 Graduated Tama Art University, Major in Nihonga
 【Selected Solo Exhibitions】
 2019 “Koki Tsujimoto: Kokukoku” (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
 2018 “Koki Tsujimoto Nihonga-ten” (Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo)
“Koki Tsujimoto Nihonga-ten” (Nagoya Matsuzakaya, Aichi)
 2017 “Koki Tsujimoto Nihonga-ten” (Toho Art, Tokyo)
“Koki Tsujimoto Nihonga-ten” (Fukuyama Tenmanya, Hiroshima)
 2016 “Koki Tsujimoto Nihonga-ten” (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
“Koki Tsujimoto Nihonga-ten” (Sendai Mitsukoshi, Miyagi)
 2015 “Koki Tsujimoto Nihonga-ten” (Tokyu Tama Plaza, Kanagawa)
“Koki Tsujimoto Nihonga-ten” (Koshin-kan, Tokyo)
 2014 “Koki Tsujimoto Nihonga-ten” (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
“Koki Tsujimoto Nihonga-ten” (Ikebukuro Tobu, Tokyo)
 【Selected Group Exhibitions】
 2019 Two person’s exhibition “Koki Tsujimoto x Kenki Tsujimoto” (Gallery EM, Nagasaki)
Three person’s exhibition “Nihonga Toiro, Nihonga-ten” (Shinjuku Isetan, Tokyo)
 2018 Two person’s exhibition “Koki Tsujimoto x Emi Katsuta” (Ikebukuro Tobu, Tokyo)
Two person’s exhibition “Koki Tsujimoto x Kenki Tsujimoto” (Fukuoka Mitsukoshi, Fukuoka)
 2017 “Contemporary Art Kaiga-ten” (Nagoya Mitsukoshi, Aichi)
“Wakate Shinei Sakka Shinsaku Nihonga-ten” (Niigata Mitsukoshi, Niigata)
 2016 “Art no Chikara 2016” (Shinjuku Isetan, Tokyo)
“Tansei-kai” (Hotel New Otani)
“Fukuya Bijutsu Ippin-kai” (Hiroshima Fukuya, Hiroshima)
“Yokai chaseki” (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
 2015 “Art no Chikara 2015” (Shinjuku Isetan, Tokyo)
“Tokusen-kai: Summer Selection” (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo)
 2014 “Uchiwa Kaiga-ten” (Sogo Yokohama, Kanagawa)
“Gendai no Message-ten” (Niigata Mitsukoshi, Niigata)
 2013 “SENSU-ten” (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo, ’15)
“Shinshun-ten” (Toho Art, Tokyo)
“Something Precious” (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo, continued every year afterward)
“ART FAIR TOKYO” (Toho Art Booth, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, continued until 2018)
 2012 “Tamagawa Art Project” (Niko Tamagawa Takashima-ya, Tokyo)
“Jidai no Art-ten” (Takamatsu Tenman-ya, Tokyo)
Koshin-kan (Tokyo)


21/06/2019(fri) -  03/07/2019(wed)

11:00 am - 7:00 pm
The gallery will close at 5:00 PM on Saturday, Sundays, and the final day of the exhibition.

Artist in gallery: 6/21 (Fri)~24(Mon), 29 (Sat), 30 (Sun), 7/2(Tue), 3 (Wed)

The opening reception will be held from 18:00 to 20:00 on Friday, June 21, 2019 at Seizan Gallery.