• 2017油彩/眠りを妨げる者たち/F3
  • 2017油彩/universe/F15
  • まちゅまゆ展DM表紙
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2017油彩/眠りを妨げる者たち/F3 2017油彩/universe/F15 まちゅまゆ展DM表紙 ad10

Loneliness, despair, desire, pleasure – complicated and unstable emotion in the inner part of our heart.
She depicts it with appearance of children and animals.
Machumayu’s world stay by our side, and kindly light the lamp in our heart.

It is the memorial exhibition for the publishing Picture book.


In 1998, while based in Fukuoka I began professional activities as an artist. Although my main career focus is in creating copperplate engravings, I also produce oil paintings and participate in many group and solo exhibitions each year.

2011 Group exhibition Interactive Youth (Tokyo)
Group exhibition “Between a picture book and fine art” (Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “Under the four Exhibition Illusion” (Design Festa Tokyo)
Group Exhibition, “Angel of Temptation” (Tokyo)
Group Exhibition, “Summer Festa 2011” (Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “Sweets” (Tokyo)
Solo Exhibition (Fukuoka)
Group exhibition “Christmas” (Tokyo)
2012 Group Exhibition “Painting Hen” (Kyoto)
Group Exhibition “Heroes of the story” (Tokyo)
Solo exhibition (Tokyo)
Group exhibition “Summer Festa 2012” (Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “Girls in my memory” (Yokohama)
Market Exhibition (Osaka, Kyoto, Togenkyou booth)
Solo Exhibition (Fukuoka)
2013 Group Exhibition “Fantastic Art Exhibition” (Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “Heroes of the story 2″ (Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “Summer Festa 2013″ (Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “Circus of Poetry” (Tokyo)
10 artist Exhibition “10 Drops” (Fukuoka)
“Farm Rabbit Market” Exhibition (Osaka)
Group Exhibition “Christmas” (Tokyo)
2014 Solo Exhibition (Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “Heroes in the Story 3” (Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “Happy Prince” Exhibition (Tokyo)
Group Exhibition “Tarot × 19 artists × Fukuoka” (Fukuoka)
Something Precious, Group Exhibition (Gallery Seizan)


20/11/2017(mon) -  30/11/2017(thu)

open 11:00 - close 19:00
※The gallery will be closed at 17:00 just only on Saturday, Sunday, public holiday and last day.

~ Machumayu Talk live ~
date: 18:00~, Mon., November 20, 2017
coordinator: Seiko Yamada (Owner of Gallery SEIZAN)
site: Gallery SEIZAN (1f Ginza Habitation, 5-14-16, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061)

~ Reception Party ~
date: 18:30~, Mon., November 20, 2017
site: Gallery SEIZAN (1f Ginza Habitation, 5-14-16, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061)