• 「うたかたの」S9号_2017金属板にアクリル、岩絵の具、膠
  • 「空に染む」金属板にアクリル絵具・岩絵具・膠_S4号2017年
  • 「刻」金属板・杉板・絹・岩絵具・膠_F20   2017年
「うたかたの」S9号_2017金属板にアクリル、岩絵の具、膠 「空に染む」金属板にアクリル絵具・岩絵具・膠_S4号2017年 「刻」金属板・杉板・絹・岩絵具・膠_F20   2017年

As if she looks at self-image in the mirror, Megumi Aoki paints stainless steel plate with mineral pigments or acrylic paint.
How various feelings that Aoki has got when she faces things will be depicted in her works.
Won the Oka prize(Sato Sakura Museum)in 2016, 2017.

23/10/2017(mon) -  02/11/2017(thu)

open 11:00 - close 19:00
※ Our gallery will be closed at 17:00 just only on Saturday, Sunday and last day.

~ Opening Reception ~
date: Mon., October 23, 2017
time: 18:30~
site: Gallery SEIZAN (1f Ginza Habitation, 5-14-16, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061)