Born in South Gyeongsang Province, Korea
Works and lives in Busan、Korea
 2018  Finished Doctorate, Graduate School of Tama Art University
 【Selected Solo Exhibitions】
 2018 The 14th “Song Yeonjoo Solo Exhibition” (DOS Gallery, Seoul)
The 13th Solo Exhibition “SENSE OF THE SEA by SONGYEONJOO” (Gallery BOM, Boston)
The 12th Solo Exhibition “Deep in the Blue” (Gallery K&P, New York)
The 11th Solo Exhibition “Memory of the sense of sea 2018” (Gallery Sirota, Tokyo)
  【Selected Group Exhibitions】
 2019 “Something Precious: Ah/Un” (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
“LANDSCAPE Exhibition” (Gallery Tsubaki, Tokyo)
“Young Artists Project 2019 in Gwanghwamun Art Award” (Sejong Center Museum, Seoul)
“Exhibition of fine Art” (Sendai Mitsukoshi, Miyagi)
“1st Blue Dream Project Exhibition” (Lotte Department Gallery, Seoul)
“Art Hamptons 2019” (Bridgehampton, New York)
“Artistic Problems in East Asia Exhibition” (South China Art Museum, Guangzhou)
 2018 “Artmining seoul 2018 Exhibition” (Dongdaemoon DDP, Seoul)
“Young Artists Project2018 Exhibition” (DAEGU EXCO, Daegu)
 2017 “Seoul Modern Art Show” (Hangaram Museum of Art, Seoul)
“SONG YEONJOO&KIM CHANGYOUNG” (Korean Cultural Center, Tokyo)
“25th Annual Scholarship Recipient Art Exhibition” (Sato Museum of Art, Tokyo)
 2016 “SONG YEONJOO&MATSUMURA HIROYUKI” (Gallery Murakami II, Tokyo)
“Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong 2016” (Conrad Hong Kong –
Pacific Place, Hong Kong)
 2019 Finalist, 2019 GAMMA Young Artists Competition
Selected for Young Artists Project 2019 in Gwanghwamun Art Award
 2018 Selected for the 6th FACE 2018 Art Award (2017)
Selected for the 5th IBK Bank of Korea 2018 Art Award
 2017 Selected for the 35th&37th Mitsubishi Corporation ART GATE PROGRAM Art Award(2018)
Selected for the 19th Setsuryosha-Firenze Art Prize
Selected for the 53th Kanagawa Art Award
 2016 Selected for the 60th Shell Art Award