About Makoto Sugiura’s Work

Creator of 3-D sculptures expressing grand landscapes from a bird’s eye view. His motifs include cityscapes, scenes in nature such as animals in mid-step and ruins. Sugiura uses natural wood of the camphor tree and whereas the general practice is to hollow out the center of the wood to prevent cracking, Sugiura, leaves the piece solid to convey the vastness of the earth. This technique gives the viewer the sense of soaring above the world like a bird surveying the ground below.

Having travelled widely, Makoto Sugiura has been greatly influenced by the cultures and geographies of Asia, Africa and Europe. His works reflect and consider those influences. His skills were honed in the conservation of classical Buddhist sculptures and refined in the production of the four Devas under the leadership of the renown sculptor Satoshi Yabuuchi.


1968 born in Aichi Prefecture
1986 He studied traditional Japanese crafts under the direction of Mr.Nobuhisa Yoshida (Toyama Inami-cho) After becoming independent, toured Asia, Africa, Europe, and absorbed various influences
2001 Involved in the production of the four Devas under the sculptor Satoshi Yabuuchi Grand Prix 9th wood carving Folk Art Otani (Hyogo Yabu)
2003 B-WORKS Exhibition (’04 – ’05)
2006 “Kokuzou” (a Bodhisattva symbolizing wisdom) (Nihonbashi / Mitsukoshi)
2008 “Lotus Society”, wood carving group exhibition (Tokyo)
“From Now”, Wood carving group exhibition (’09, ‘10 Sendai Mitsukoshi)
2009 “Lotus Society”, wood carving group exhibition (Tokyo)
Solo Exhibition “The point of view of a bird – Sugiura Makoto wood
carving Exhibition” (Gallery Seizan / Ginza)
“Something Precious Exhibition” (’10, ’11 Gallery Seizan / Ginza)
2010 “Lotus Society” wood carving group exhibition (Sendai Mitsukoshi)
“Kaze-no-Kei Ⅲ Sugiura Makoto-ten of journey-style at the time of” Solo Exhibition (Nagoya)
2011 Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, part-time lecturer
Wood carving group exhibition “Lotus Society” (’12,’13 Gallery Seizan / Ginza)
Art Fair Tokyo (Gallery Seizan booth / Tokyo International Forum)
2012 Solo Exhibition “Sugiura Makoto wood carving Exhibition” (Shinsaibashi)
Solo exhibition “Landscape IV / Sugiura, Makoto Exhibition of ”the journey of time” (Nagoya)
Solo Exhibition “Sugiura Makoto-ten” (Seizan Gallery / Ginza)
2013 “Point of view of a bird” solo exhibition Sugiura Makoto wood carving Exhibition (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi)
2014 “A message with form” (Mitsukoshi Department Store)
Exposition “Tokyo, Gigantesque et Minuscule” (Paris, France)