Ruiji Aiba is an artist with a penchant for play. No matter which piece, nor from what angle it is viewed, the work invites the viewer into his remarkable world. Whether small or large, his attention to detail, and intricate workmanship results in one of a kind pieces that show us a world of caricature and humor. His masterful employment of traditional crafts skills such as the nodding head technique used to make Kubifuri dolls of the Edo period, breathe new life into once nearly extinct techniques and uplifts them to a new art standard. In his world of allegoric art one finds the retelling or embodiment of myths, legends and folktales. The question he asks is whether like fables, legends and myths, our imagination is passed down generation to generation? Do we all imagine from the same ancient wellspring or, is the individual’s imagination uniquely the property of that person?


1964 Born Fukuoka Prefecture
1988 Graduated, Osaka Gakuin University.
1992 Graduate Aichi Prefecture Vocational School, Ceramics
2005 Momochuhana Nagoya
Momsuikyou Matsuzakaya Ginza
2006 Maboroshiniwaharuya (Dreamy garden on a spring night) Nagoya
Gekofuyuu (Floating Moonlight) Nara
Maboroshi niwa fuyuya (Dreamy garden on a winter night) Tokyo
2007 Karakomekyuu (Labyrinth) Nagoya
Nekotawamure ichikingyou meikyuu (Playful cat and goldfish Labyrinth)
Gekofuyuu (Floating Moonlight) Sabae city, Fukui Prefecture
2008 Chinbutsutouki (Rare thing earthen vessel) Nagoya
Siumisanyou (Charming Water Mountain) Tokyo
Maboroshitouki (Dreamy vessel) Nara
2009 Junharu (Spring Cruiser) Nagoya
Neko niwa maboroshi, Tokyo
Gekoukitan, Sabae city, Fukui Prefecture
2010 Tsubouchuuten Nagoya
Suegensou Osaka
Karakotenyu Tokyo
Karakotenyu Matsuyama Mitsukoshi
Karakoutenyu   Saga city, Saga Prefecture
2011 Korechoukan Nagoya
Gensoutouki (Illusionary documents) Ginza Mitsukoshi Art Gallery, Tokyo
Gekoukan Sabae city, Fukui Prefecture
Gekoutan Saga city, Saga Prefecture
2012 Aiba Ruiji Exhibition Ichigekkounioyogu (Swimming in the moon), Nagoya
Karakoufushigitan (What a wonder), Hofu city, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Karakoufushigitan (What a wonder), Ginza Mitsukoshi, Art Gallery, Tokyo
Aiba Ruiji Exhibition, Contemporary Ceramics Salon Momo Ao, Osaka
2013 Art Fair Tokyo 2013, Ruiji Aiba exhibition
Ruiji Aiba exhibition, Nagoya, Aichi
Ruiji Aiba exhibition, Mitsukoshi Art Space, Ginza, Tokyo
2014 Solo Exhibition, Wakaran, Ginza Mitsukoshi
Solo exhibition, “Zankyo” (Reverberation), Karuizawa
Museums/Special exhibitions
2008 Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics in the Tokkai area by up and coming artists
2009 Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair, TOBI Art Forum, / data bank
Korea Daegu Art Fair, art data bank